About Jewellery by Scoojoo

Jewellery by Scoojoo is a family founded business which was brought together initially by Stephen Turrall’s love of scuba diving, sea life and a passion for jewellery. All of the jewellery available from Scoojoo is handmade by Steve.

Steve started work in the jewellery industry back in 1977, firstly starting in the wedding ring sector of the trade after becoming qualified at the ‘Birmingham jewellery college’ where he learned to produce stone set jewellery. Steve’s qualification allowed him to become a jewellery mounter which meant Steve could produce the framework of a piece of jewellery in which a stone can be set, this includes: rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets, this list is by no means exhaustive, it just indicates many items of jewellery which Steve can put his hand to.

Steve took up the hobby of scuba diving in 2004 and from the love of this hobby and the passion of jewellery Steve put the dream of combining the two into reality and with the growing industry of bespoke jewellery Scoojoo was created.

Throughout the years Jewellery by Scoojoo has grown as Steve has widened his range of jewellery, not just from scuba diving and sea life but also his love of dogs/animals and motorbikes. Steve has created not just many items of jewellery but also motorbike timing covers, belt buckles and shotgun ornamental pieces. Steve does not only work from his own designs but also from customer commissions which are always welcome.